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.30 Cal. Ultra Light Tactical

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Product Features

The Matte Black Cerakote® Titanium Phantom .30 ULT (Ultra-Light Tactical) measures in at 1.5” in diameter, 7.625” in length and weighs a mere 13 oz. These suppressors feature CNC welds throughout and an updated tube design that incorporates a thicker blast for increased strength. The LT suppressors utilize our improved Q.D. Mounting system that allows for faster, easier and more secure mounting and like always, the mount is included in the price of the suppressor. The suppressor is also backwards compatible with 5.56mm Q.D. Mounts. The ULT's are full-auto rated (limited) on barrels as short as 8” in .300 BLK and 10.5" on every other caliber.

This suppressor features Grade 9 Titanium and Inconel 718 construction. The proven performance of YHM's Phantom Flash Hider eliminates 99% of muzzle flash while the Sound Technologies baffle design (U.S. Patent #7,073,426) reduces muzzle noise by up to 39 dB. The fast attach design allows you to permanently install the Phantom Flash Hider and then install the Sound Suppressor without the use of tools when sound suppression is desired.

This sound suppressor is designed so that it can be used with a Phantom 5.56 mm flash hider on a 5.56 mm rifle. This allows users to purchase one sound suppressor and use it on .30 caliber and 5.56 mm rifles. As a measure of safety the 5.56 sound suppressor WILL NOT fit onto a .30 Cal. flash hider.

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Suppression Level: 140 dB on 20" .308 Win
    13 Oz.
Diameter:     1.6"
Rating:     .17 HMR through .308 Winchester. 
Mounting:      Quick Disconnect Only
Q.D. Mount Threading(s):      5/8"-24, 1/2"-28, 1/2"-36, M14x1 LH

Full Auto Rating:

Limited Full Auto-Rated on barrels as short as 10.5"
(except .300 BLK, see below)

.300 BLK Full Auto Rating exception:

Limited Full Auto-Rated on barrels as short as 8"

This Sound Suppressor accepts our YHM-4302 series QD Mounts. It will not accept our YHM-3302 series of QD Mounts

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