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This unit only works with Gen 1 Sakers pre 2016.

YHM developed this Q.D. Adapter to convert existing Silencerco® Saker® ASR suppressors to use our much simpler mounting mechanism. This is the same mount design that YHM has been using on our Q.D. suppressors for over a decade. Due to its simplistic design, there is virtually no way to incorrectly install the suppressor and risk the chance of it coming loose, yet it provides easy removal.

To install, simply remove  your existing mount mechanism from your suppressor and thread on our Q.D. adapter using the factory wrenches that were provided with your suppressor. This will allow you to use YHM’s Q.D. flash hiders or muzzle brakes which are sold separately.

  • Allows the use of YHM 3102 and 4302 Q.D. Mounts on your SilencerCo Gen 1 Saker ASR suppressor.
  • 17-4PH Heat Treated Material
  • Melonite QPQ finish
  • Weight: 3.33 )z.

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