Mini Phantom® Q.D. Flash Hider

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About the YHM Mini Q.D. flash hider for suppressors

Introducing the highly anticipated Mini Q.D. Flash Hider for YHM's fast attach sound suppressor systems. The Mini Q.D. Flash Hider is YHM engineering perfection. Compact at only 2 1/8" inches and weighing in 3.3 ounces, the Mini Q.D. Flash Hider was designed for today's competitive shooter. No short cuts were taken, and users will find that the Mini Q.D. Flash Hider is still capable of being shot comfortably unsuppressed as well as suppressed.

Muzzle device length is 2.118". Length added to barrel is 1.493" (on barrels with 0.6" threads).

Must locate on the shoulder behind the thread

  • 2 1/8" overall length
  • 3.3 Oz.
  • Phosphate finish These flash hiders ARE COMPATIBLE with: Turbo® T2's, Turbo® K's, Resonator®'s, Resonator® R2's, Resonator® K's, Nitro® .30, all Phantom® .30 caliber suppressors, as well as our new R9™ 9mm, NITRO® N2O sound suppressors and Wraith 9 XL. These flash hiders WILL NOT fit: Original TURBO®, Phantom® 5.56mm/.223 suppressors, Wraith 45 XL, Phantom® .338. The device should be torqued to between 20 and 30 Ft-lbs.

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  • 5
    9MM Sig MPX

    Posted by Lee on Mar 20th 2024

    This 9mm mini flash hider is great for the MPX K with the R9 suppressor. EZ on, EZ off. Awesome!

  • 5
    YHM Mini Phantom QD

    Posted by Brian on Sep 28th 2023

    The mini phantom brakes and flash hiders are excellent products. Bought 2 MP QD Flash Hiders so now I can roll my resonator k across 3 different rifles. They mount up easy

  • 5
    Appears well constructed

    Posted by Brad Thompson on Aug 29th 2023

    Bought this for my 300 blackout AR. I put it on looks a little off being so small. But I bought it so I can switch my YMH Resonator R2 between this and my 223 wylde. Hoping my suppressor gets approved in 6 more months. Looks very durable I just didn't want a "CAP" on the end.

  • 5
    Mini Phantom

    Posted by Chad liss on Aug 9th 2023

    Works great, it's nice not having to clock it perfectly like the muzzle brake. It does look a little goofy on the rifle without the suppressor attached. But I'm primarily going to be shooting it suppressed anyways.

  • 5
    Really nice product

    Posted by Mark VanBuren on Jun 28th 2022

    Already bought 3. 1 for my .300, 9mm PCC and for my 10.5 5.56. Also bought the mount for my suppressor. Works with ease. I plan to buy more!

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by MARK on Jun 28th 2022

    Great product. bought 3, 1 ofr my .300, 9mm PCC and 5.56 and the mount for my suppressor. I plan to buy more.

  • 5
    Mini Mount

    Posted by mARK on Jun 27th 2022

    Bought 3 Mini Phantom QD flash hiders and a Phantom mount for my hand made Mark 8 suppressor. Tested the mount and muzzle devices on my VBD Katana (10" .300 AAC) and 4" PCC 9mm and they worked great. i plan to buy more and use them exclusively. Wish I could add video and still shots.

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1. Visit (or call) your local firearms dealer and tell them exactly what model number you are looking for (If ordering a sound suppressor keep in mind the dealer needs to be a Class 3 dealer). If your dealer of choice does not currently a offer YHM products don't worry. They can easily become a YHM dealer.

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Manufacturers Disclaimer:
You, the purchaser are responsible to know your local, regional, state and federal firearms regulations regarding assault rifles and NFA weapons (Such as sound suppressors and short barreled rifles) when purchasing our products. Some of our products in this catalog require a Federal Firearms License and/or S.O.T for purchase.

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